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Our Services.

We carry out all types of RICS surveys including Level 2 (HomeBuyers) and Level 3 (Full Building Survey). Scroll down for more information on all of our services.


We understand that it might not always be immediately clear which type of survey is best for you. If you're unsure, give us a call and we'll help you decide.

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Our Services.

Our Services.

If you're purchasing a modern property in good condition an RICS Condition Survey may suffice for you. Click here for more information.



If you're purchasing a property built by conventional means within the last 20-30 years then an RICS HomeBuyers Survey might be suitable. Click here for more info.



When purchasing an older property or a property not built by conventional means it would be wise to commission an RICS Building Survey. Click for more. 




If you're buying a property for redevelopment or are concerned about any particular aspect we can provide a bespoke service - click here for more info.




The RICS Condition Report provides a general overview of the condition of the property, highlighting key legal issues and defects. It includes the following:


  • A clear, 'traffic light' rating system identifying the varying condition of different building elements and sections.

  • A summary of the condition of the building and risks identified.

  • Advice on guarantees, planning, and Building Control matters.

Download a template report here.


Prices for the RICS Condition Report start at £250.00 excluding VAT. Click here to enquire.


RICS Condition Report (Level 1)


RICS HomeBuyers Report (Level 2)

The RICS HomeBuyers survey is most suitable for conventionally built properties in fair condition.


Included within the report is advice from the Surveyor that includes the following:


  • As per the Condition survey; advise on the condition of the property along with any legal, planning, and Building Regulation issues.

  • Comment on defects and their probable cause, highlighting the implications these may have on the agreed purchase price, as well as potential options for repair and maintenance.

  • The survey doesn't involve any intrusive investigation, so identification of defects is determined through surface level analysis. The surveyor will advise on further investigation where required. 


For an example HomeBuyers Report please click here. Prices for the HomeBuyers Survey start at £375.00 - click here to enquire



RICS Building Survey (Level 3)

The RICS Building Survey is the most thorough survey and report that the RICS provide. 


It's suitable for any type of property, but is most commonly utilised for buildings over 50 years old, buildings built using non-conventional construction methods, or where major redevelopment of a building is planned. 


The Building Survey will go beyond the assessment undertaken for the Condition Report and HomeBuyers Survey;


It will assess the condition of the building elements and identify defects, going further in depth in to their cause, recommendations for remedial works, and even help to identify precise budget estimates associated with those works.


Unlike the HomeBuyer's report, the Building Survey is (where possible) intrusive, and the surveyor will examine beyond the surface, assessing in detail the condition of concealed building elements.


An example RICS Building Survey can be found here.


Costs for a full RICS Building Survey start at £500.00 exc VAT. To enquire click here. 



Full Technical Survey

In most situations, the suite of RICS surveys will meet the requirements of purchasers. However, there are some instances where a bespoke survey and report is required.


If you're purchasing a property that is in particularly bad condition, or one that you plan on redeveloping, you may wish for a survey that goes beyond the parameters of the RICS standard suite of surveys.


In this instance we recommend you get in touch with us so that we can discuss the property and your requirements in greater detail. 


Our fees for the bespoke Building Survey are calculated using our hourly rates. The fees are always fixed, and we absorb the costs should our time on the project run over what we initially intended. 


If you think this might be the suitable survey for your purchase please get in touch. We're always happy to provide free advice where we can. 

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