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Purchasing a Property?

For many of us, buying a property is the single biggest investment that we make in our lifetimes, it can also be one of the most stressful.

At ASN Surveyors, we aim to ease some of that stress by providing clear, simple advice to help you make the most informed decisions on your property purchase or project.

Who We Are.

We're a firm of Chartered Building Surveyors covering London, East Sussex, and Kent. All of our surveyors are Members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, and specialise in providing advice in relation to residential and commercial property purchases.

About to Pur...

What We Do.

At ASN our aim is to make things clear and simple; we utilise our skill, experience, and knowledge to provide our clients with advice they can understand in order to make the most informed decisions on their property purchase or project.

What w do.

All of our Surveyors are fully Chartered RICS Members

We're registered with and regulated by the RICS

We promise to provide on-going support on your purchase or project

We have extensive Residential and Commercial industry experience

The Process

The Process.

Whether you're purchasing a studio apartment or a 6 bedroom house, we apply the same level of service, attention to detail, and support.


Get in touch.

Give us a call or email, we'll ask a few questions, and provide you with a quote. 


The Survey.

Once you're happy with the quote, we'll book in and undertake the survey within 1 week.


The Report.

We aim to provide you with the report within 1 week, though this can be done sooner if required.



We follow up every survey to ensure all subsequent questions you might have are answered.

Why Us?

Unlike many other Building Surveying firms, we specialise solely in property acquisition surveys.


This means that we can easily manage our time to ensure that you receive your report on time and are provided adequate on going support. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Do I need a Survey?
    Technically speaking, you don't need to have a survey undertaken before you purchase a property. However, it is strongly recommended that in order to protect your investment a survey is undertaken by a suitably qualified professional.
  • What type of Survey do I need?
    The type of Survey required generally depends on the type of property, and the client's requirements. Generally, for a purpose built property built after the year 2000, an RICS Home Buyer's Survey is likely to suffice. For older properties, more likely to have defects, a full RICS Building Survey is likely to be more appropriate. For more detail on which Survey is likely to be right for you, click here.
  • Who are the RICS?
    The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors promote and enforce the highest professional standards in the development and management of land, real estate, construction and infrastructure. All of our members are Chartered Surveyors and members of the RICS. This means that, as well as holding the relevant bachelor or post graduate degree, they have been trained and assessed to the highest standards of competence. To find out more about the RICS, follow this link.
  • What does 'Regulated by the RICS' mean?
    As a firm Regulated by the RICS, we are bound to comply with the RICS throughout our business. This means we do the following: - Practise globally recognised standards. - Behave ethically and act with integrity and honesty. - Have the required skills and competencies to do the job. - Manage conflicts of interests transparently. - Safeguard the security of client money. - Manage our finances appropriately. - Provide adequate and appropriate indemnity for your work. - Handle complaints and disputes fairly. We do all of the above to ensure client security and confidence.
  • What are the timeframes involved?
    This generally depends on the size of the property and the type of survey we are undertaking. We always aim to adhere to the following timescales: - Undertake inspection: 1 week - Prepare report: 1 week - Client feedback: Within 1-2 days of report issue We know that sometimes things are needed urgently and where possible we'll do what we can to improve timescales.
  • What information do I need to provide?
    In order to provide you with a quote all we'll need from your is the property details, and the type of survey you require. Once instructed, we'll contact you with any further questions we have. We understand that it isn't always completely clear which type of survey would benefit your purchase best. We're always happy to provide free advice in this regard so please give us a call or email, otherwise follow this link for more information on types of surveys and when each is applicable.
  • What if I'm concerned about the Survey findings?
    We always make allowance to discuss the key Survey findings with you following the issue of our report. Our aim is to ensure that you're as well informed as possible to make a decision on your purchase.
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